Unscreened Topsoil

Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Unscreened topsoil is a clean topsoil with some rocks and clay chunks in it. More rocks and clumps of clay makes for a better filling soil for large areas. Unscreened topsoil doesn't wash away like other soils like screened topsoil or pro-mix soil because of its heavy consistency and its clay content doesn't allow unscreened soil to turn to mud when it is rained on. Use unscreened topsoil when working in areas that needed to be filled 6 inches or more.

Unscreened Soils Yield Information

Cubic Feet = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .003
Recommend a 5" - 6" minimum layer when using unscreened topsoil.

1 Cubic Yard Soil Coverage:
6" Depth56 Square Feet
7" Depth48 Square Feet
8" Depth42 Square Feet
9" Depth37 Square Feet
10" Depth33 Square Feet
11" Depth30 Square Feet
12" Depth28 Square Feet
Unscreened Topsoil
Unscreened Topsoil