Screened Topsoil

Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Screened topsoil is a plain screened topsoil with no additives. Our soil is usually passed through a screen that is 1/2 inches to remove any large stones and chunks of clay. Screened topsoil is usually used when filling lawn areas, planting trees or shrubs, filling small holes, or putting a base down for a flower or vegetable garden. Screened topsoil is usually suggested for working in areas that will be filled to 1 inch or more. Unscreened topsoil can also be used to blend your own soil mixture for planting grass, gardens, or plants.
Available in bags.

Soils Yield Information

Cubic Feet = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .003
Use a 3 inch layer over poor soil. (minimum 2 inches.)
over 6 inches, it will hold in place much better than enriched topsoil.

1 Cubic Yard Soil Coverage:
1" Depth320 Square Feet
2" Depth160 Square Feet
3" Depth110 Square Feet
4" Depth80 Square Feet
5" Depth65 Square Feet
Screened Topsoil
Screened Topsoil