Pro-Mix Enriched Topsoil

Unit of Sale: 40 LB Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard
Pro-Mix is a high quality blend of 65% fine (loam) topsoil, 25% Garden Humus, and 10% sand. The result is a composition and texture that is consistent throughout the year. Pro-Mix is run through a 1/2 inch screen to ensure that this is free flowing and rock free soil. Pro-Mix enriched topsoil is a perfect growing medium for fine lawns & gardens. Pro-Mix is high in organic content which makes it ideal for growing plants and grass in lawns better than normal topsoil. Other uses for this type of enriched topsoil includes lawn patching, restoration work, filling planter boxes, planting trees or shrubs, finishing off berms or raised beds, and many other landscaping applications. Pro-Mix enriched topsoil is a good value for its high quality because it is READY-TO-USE and is blended consistently. Pro-Mix is sold by the cubic yard and by the 40 LB bag.

Soils Yield Information

Cubic Feet = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .003
Use a 3 inch layer over poor soil. (minimum 2 inches.)
over 6 inches, it will hold in place much better than enriched topsoil.

1 Cubic Yard Soil Coverage:
1" Depth320 Square Feet
2" Depth160 Square Feet
3" Depth110 Square Feet
4" Depth80 Square Feet
5" Depth65 Square Feet
Pro-Mix Enriched Topsoil