Organic Compost

Unit of Sale: 1 Cubic Foot Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard

Organic Compost is made exclusively of leaves and grass clippings(no animal manure). When combined with existing soil Organic Compost will act as a rich soil amendment. By amending the soil with compost, you improve its texture, drainage and moisture retention. Organic Compost will also add nutrients back into the Earth.

Other benefits include water absorption, which will reduce the amount of watering needed, a reduction in soil compaction after heavy rain, erosion protection and a consistent soil temperature.

Adding Organic compost as a lawn mulch improves the condition of the lawn by supplying organic matter.

Organic compost will also help prevent weed growth that invade the lawn.

Soils Yield Information

Cubic Feet = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .003
Use a 3 inch layer over poor soil. (minimum 2 inches.)
over 6 inches, it will hold in place much better than enriched topsoil.

1 Cubic Yard Soil Coverage:
1" Depth320 Square Feet
2" Depth160 Square Feet
3" Depth110 Square Feet
4" Depth80 Square Feet
5" Depth65 Square Feet
Organic Compost