Slabs / Risers

Colonial Gray Risers
Unit of Sale: Ton
Colonial Gray Risers are large pieces of stone that make the perfect natural step. You can also build attractive retaining walls with them. They are gray, green, purple, and blue … read more
South Bay Slabs
South Bay is a quartzite sandstone with a textured surface that resembles a windswept and sandy beach. Visually smooth, yet heavily textured with a blend of tan, antique white, amber, … read more
Salmon Ridge Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Salmon Ridge contains a dominant pinkish-tan blend with varying shades of tans, light grays and streaks of black through out. A very unique earth tone color scheme that blends well … read more
Pocono White Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Pocono White is a whitish tan based stone. Colors are dominated by tan shades and a hue of light grays with accenting purples, yellows and darker grays. The material is … read more
Fieldstone Slabs
Manufacturer: Landscape Products Co., Inc.
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Fieldstone Slabs are large Fieldstone pieces that range in diameter from 3 ft. to 5 ft. They are approximately 4" to 5" thick and are irregular in shape. Used mainly … read more
Corinthian Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
An elegant, enduring, medium to coarse grained granite featuring a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy and white. A small percentage has black speckles throughout consisting of red and … read more
Moss Green Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Moss Green Slabs are large multi- colored stones with a weathered face and moss. Colors such as green, gray, and purple can be found through out.
Bluestone Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
The bold, blues and grays of a Bluestone Slab will set your landscape design apart from others. Bluestone is an attractive multipurpose stone. Use Bluestone Slabs to help create rustic … read more
Lilac Slabs
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Lilac Slabs have a warm red to purplish brown color.