Garden Stone

Bluestone Rubble
Unit of Sale: LB
Bluestone rubble is angular pieces of bluestone that either by natural or human forces have broken into usable pieces. Bluestone Rubble will be a vary of sizes. This product will … read more
Kewanee Skippers
Sizes: 2 LB, 16 LB
Unit of Sale: LB
Very colorful, reds, whites, black/gray, burgundy and purplish browns. Good for accent cobblers, dry streams, and ponds. These skippers are extremely smooth and flat. A beautiful accent to any outdoor … read more
Lilac Rubble
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Lilac Rubble is small pieces of red boulders. A mix of antique and mountain red boulders. Also, Small pieces of lilac bluestone.
Van Tassell Garden Stone
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Van Tassel is a decorative granite landscape stone. Its colors are a blend of pastel buff, pink, blue green and brown shades. Van Tassel is a coarse-grained, hard fiery rock. … read more
Corinthian Granite
An elegant, enduring, medium to coarse grained granite featuring a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy and white. A small percentage has black speckles throughout consisting of red and … read more
Kewanee Flats
Larger version of Kewanee Skippers. Kewanee Flats are very colorful round flat stones. Perfect for any waterscape.