Autumn Haze
Autumn Haze boulders are rounded river boulders with pinks, oranges, tans and grays. A great addition to any landscape.
Turquoise Indian
A very hard non-fading quartzite with a rare and beautiful blue green color.
Turquoise Indian is an irregular shaped stone with varied thicknesses, heights and lengths. Some snapped and some … read more
Rustic River
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
A beautiful tan/ brown colored River Rock with a hint of black. This boulder will give a rustic look to any landscape application.
Boulders create dramatic impact in any landscape. … read more
Mountain Red
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Mountain Red Boulders have a beautiful matte burgundy color. These boulders are angular cut and range in size.
Delaware River
Sizes: 5" - 8", 8" - 12", 12"+
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Rounded River boulders range in grey, brown, and plum colors.
Rocks and boulders can be used in landscaping a property to add color, accent, or functionality. We offer different sized … read more
Gray Limestone
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Limestone is a rock with an enormous diversity of uses. It could be the one rock that is used in more ways than any other. This boulder is angular rather … read more
Antique Red
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Antique Red boulders are bright burgundy in color. These boulders are angular cut. Add a rustic mountain look to your landscape with Antique Red.
Corinthian Granite
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
An elegant, enduring, medium to coarse grained granite featuring a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy and white. A small percentage has black speckles throughout consisting of red and … read more
White Marble
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
White Marble will make your landscape glow. With an intense white color it will brighten any landscape. White Marble is an angular cut boulder that will make your landscape shine. … read more
Terrapin Green
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Terrapin Green is a basalt green boulder. The angular cut and rough edge of this boulder will create a natural feel to any landscaping. Terrapin Green would make a beautiful … read more
Fieldstone Boulders
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
This naturally weather stone comes in various shapes and sizes. You will find colors from brown, tan and greens. Great for landscaping, waterfalls, garden ponds, retaining walls, freestanding walls, garden … read more
Canadian River
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
Canadian River boulders are rounded and smoothed river boulders, generally mixed in colors. These boulders are clean with multiple shades of grey with some reddish purple, pinks, green and tan.
Feather Rock
Unit of Sale: LB
Feather Rock is charcoal and silver grey in color with a sharp, course texture and irregular shape. They are products of a rare volcanic occurrence, formed by a molten lava … read more
Volcanic Lava
Volcanic Lava is rock that has been formed out of the heat of an active volcano. Volcanic Lava rock bears the properties of all volcanic rock in being lightweight and … read more
South Bay Quartzite
Unit of Sale: LB, Ton
South bay quartzite boulders are very natural looking with blends of earth tones. Colors of antique white, tan, amber, and light and dark browns can be found in this beautiful … read more
Salmon Ridge
Salmon Ridge contains a dominant pinkish-tan blend with varying shades of tans, light grays and streaks of black through out. A very unique earth tone color. Salmon Ridge Boulders are … read more
Van Tassel Granite
Van Tassel is a decorative granite landscape boulder. Its colors are a blend of pastel buff, pink, blue green and brown shades. Van Tassel is a coarse-grained, hard fiery rock. … read more
Timberlite is man made by fire, and is a very light weight aggregate. The very fiery Red, Black, Carmel, and Gold color variations will surely make a bold impact in … read more