Fabrics & Geotextiles

SRW Weed Fabric
Manufacturer: SRW
Sizes: 3' x 50', 3' x 100', 3' x 300', 4' x 300', 6' x 300'
Unit of Sale: Roll

Landscape fabric is the best way to ensure that weeds do not grow through your mulch! SRW Weed Fabric is a commercial grade polypropylene fabric with high puncture resistance. This …

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Fabric Staples
Manufacturer: Landscape Products Co., Inc.
Sizes: 6"
Unit of Sale: 1000/Box, 50/Pack

  • - Helps keep your landscape fabric from moving or shifting
  • - Durable, reusable and easy to install
  • - Sturdy, long-lasting steel construction


Landscape Fabric for Weed Control

SRW Bi-direct Geogrid
Manufacturer: SRW
Sizes: 4" x 12", 12" x 150"
Unit of Sale: Roll

Retaining Wall Geogrid

SRW Geogrid is composed of high-molecular weight, high tenacity milt-filament polyester yards that are woven into a stable network placed under tension and coated with PVC.

Benefits …

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Terra Guard Double Straw
Sizes: 7.5" x 120"
Unit of Sale: Roll

100% weed free and biodegradable
Lasts up 12 months, for slopes up to 2 to1


Gator Base
Manufacturer: Alliance

Gator Base is environmentally friendly, engineered to return water to the native soil due to the evacuation channels incorporated in the gator base. It will never leach chemicals or degrade …
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