Organic Root Mulch

Unit of Sale: 2 Cubic Foot Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard

Organic Root Mulch is a double ground natural hardwood mulch that is made at a facility that has been certified organic.This budget friendly mulch option will add texture to your landscaping.

This mulch is not meant to be used if you are looking for the finely shredded material.Double ground hardwood mulch would do well in wooded areas or vegetable gardens. It will protect and provide nutrients to the plants it is covering.

Mulch & Bark Yield Information & Calculation


Rectangular Bed

Feet Long

Feet Wide

Inches Deep

Circular Bed

Diameter (Feet)

Inches Deep

Triangular Bed (measure sides that meet at 90ยบ angle)

Side 1: Feet Long

Side 2: Feet Long

          Inches Deep


You will need:

Cubic Feet or

Cubic Yards

2 cu/ft bags or

3 cu/ft bags

The initial application of two (2)-inch layer of mulch can save you yard-maintenance time. Because it smothers weeds, you do less weeding and you won't have to trim grass along borders. It reduces evaporation so you won't need to water as often. Another advantage of bark mulch is that it breaks the force of rain which prevents mud splattering on the side of your house. Mulch will last 3 to 6 years after your initial application and needs only the addition of a minimum amount of new material each year to maintain the proper depth of 2 inches and renew that rich brown color.

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