Natural Blended Cedar

Unit of Sale: 2 Cubic Foot Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard

Eastern Cedar blended with Pine makes this light-colored mulch have a distinct aroma. The light color provides a nice contrast to darker rich foliage and flowers. This mulch is ideal for weed control and water conservation.

Cedar Mulch also contains natural oils that repel insects.

Mulch Help Table


Rectangular Bed

Feet Long

Feet Wide

Inches Deep

Circular Bed

Diameter (Feet)

Inches Deep

Triangular Bed (measure sides that meet at 90ยบ angle)

Side 1: Feet Long

Side 2: Feet Long

          Inches Deep


You will need:

Cubic Feet or

Cubic Yards

2 cu/ft bags or

3 cu/ft bags

Natural Blended Cedar