Mulching Straw

Unit of Sale: 4.7 Cubic Foot Bale

Mulching Straw makes a good winter mulch or seasonal mulch for the vegetable garden. It is inexpensive, suppresses weeds, conserves moisture, and insulates well. It is important to purchase "straw" rather than "hay," as hay contains many weed seeds.

We carry 4.7 Ft3 bales of Mulching Straw ready to be laid down at any time.

Mulch 3 to 5 inches deep.

Mulching Straw Yield & Calculation

The initial application of two (3)-inch layer of mulch can save you yard-maintenance time. It reduces evaporation so you won't need to water as often as well.

Mulching Straw Coverage = 250 Sq Ft. per Bale

Typical Application:

First Time: Apply 2 inch covering.

Mulching Straw