2A Modified - Gray 3/4"

Sizes: 3 4" modified
Unit of Sale: 65 LB Bag, Ton
Colors: Gray

3A Also Available
A graded mixture of finer and larger stone, which gives the material excellent compaction; Generally used as a packing stone beneath driveways (6"), walkways (4"), patios (4").

Note: Please inquire about sizes not listed.

Crushed Driveway & Construction Stone Specifications

Stone Sizes In Stock →3/4"
Lbs. per Cubic Foot 100
Lbs. per Square Ft at 1" Depth 8.5
Square Foot per Ton at 2" 118
Square Foot per Ton at 3" 78
Square Foot per Ton at 4" 59
Minimum Depth 2
2A Modified - Gray 3/4"
2A Modified Stone Parking Area