Volcanic Lava

Volcanic Lava is rock that has been formed out of the heat of an active volcano. Volcanic Lava rock bears the properties of all volcanic rock in being lightweight and porous. The deep red burgundy color is fade resistant and will stand out in any landscape application. Volcanic Lava rock in various sizes can be a great addition to garden beds, both protective and decorative. Volcanic Lava rock in various sizes can be very effective decorative filler for landscaping planters, pots, or containers of various sizes. Volcanic Lava boulders, while lightweight in comparison to more traditional stone or rock boulders are movement resistant and can lend an attractive visual aspect to a landscape design. Red lava boulders can serve as an anchor or focal point around which to present complementary plants and shrubs.
Besides Landscaping, Volcanic Lava has many other uses such as fire pits, saunas, terrarium and aquariums. This rock is very versatile and will add a unique look.
Volcanic Lava
Volcanic Lava
Volcanic Lava inside Fire Pit
Volcanic Lava in Aquarium
Volcanic Lava and Feather Rock
Volcanic Lava Planter
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