Feather Rock

Unit of Sale: LB
Feather Rock is charcoal and silver grey in color with a sharp, course texture and irregular shape. They are products of a rare volcanic occurrence, formed by a molten lava flow which trapped air that later escaped during the cooling stage. The result was this porous stone, rugged in appearance, light in weight and enduring in character.
Feather Rock can be used for many applications. Garden’s and landscape’s are just the beginning. Feather rock is very porous, which makes this rock easy to carve. If you are looking to create a original water feature, creative centerpiece or even a patio planter this may be the stone for you. Please be advised that if you plan on carving, drilling of chiseling this boulder you should wear safety glasses and gloves. The shards of feather rock are as sharp as glass.
Soaking the Feather Rock in water for about an hour should minimize the amount of flying debris.