Premium Patch

Unit of Sale: 65 LB Bag, Ton
Hei-Way Premium Patch has 1/2" maximum aggregate size coupled with an aggregate blend.


Premium Patch is designed for general patching and thin pavement overlays.


Premium Patch meets and exceeds PA specification FB-3 Modified.

This material is a plant-mixed bituminous stockpile mixture consisting
of mineral aggregate coated with a bituminous liquid. It exhibits the following qualities:
1) The mixture is workable according to seasonal temperatures.


2) The mixture yields a durable permanent pavement.


3) The mixture is temperature stable, i.e. no drain down of the bitumen from the   aggregate occurs in transit, placement or in stockpile.

4) The mixture is thoroughly coated with bitumen.


5) The mixture does not strip when handled, stockpiled, or placed. The mixture

passes a modified ASTM D1664 strip test.


6) The mixture does not require a tack coat for placement.


7) The mixture does not require a seal coat for at least four years.


8) The mixture performs satisfactorily in the field.

The materials and their uses meet applicable requirements of the
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Form 408, Sections 703.2 and 401.2, add
allow Bituminous Material asphalt cement.
Premium Patch