Common Fill

Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Common fill is usually a lower grade dirt for construction jobs. There may be chunks of asphalts, rocks, or tree roots. The benefits of buying common fill dirt is that it is lower priced the normal unscreened topsoil and it retains consistency for a much longer period of time. Recommended uses for common fill could be home construction or filling large holes and grades in your projects.

Soils Yield Information

Cubic Feet = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .084
Cubic Yards = Area (square feet) x Depth (inches) x .003
Use a 3 inch layer over poor soil. (minimum 2 inches.)
over 6 inches, it will hold in place much better than enriched topsoil.

1 Cubic Yard Soil Coverage:
1" Depth320 Square Feet
2" Depth160 Square Feet
3" Depth110 Square Feet
4" Depth80 Square Feet
5" Depth65 Square Feet
Common Fill