Soils & Soil Conditioners

Pro-Mix Enriched Topsoil
Unit of Sale: 40 LB Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard
Pro-Mix is a high quality blend of 65% fine (loam) topsoil, 25% Garden Humus, and 10% sand. The result is a composition and texture that is consistent throughout the year ... read more
Screened Topsoil
Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Screened topsoil is a plain screened topsoil with no additives. Our soil is usually passed through a screen that is 1/2 inches to remove any large stones and chunks ... read more
Unscreened Topsoil - High Grade
Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Unscreened topsoil is a clean farm topsoil with some rocks and clay chunks in it. More rocks and clumps of clay makes for a better filling soil for large areas ... read more
Mushroom Soil (Compost)
Unit of Sale: 1 Cubic Foot Bag, Bulk Cubic Yard
Mushroom soil has become a popular organic soil amendment for the establishment and maintenance of lawns and sports fields, gardens, agricultural and horticultural crops and with land reclamation projects. In ... read more
Common Fill
Unit of Sale: Bulk Cubic Yard
Common fill is usually a lower grade dirt for construction jobs. There may be chunks of asphalts, rocks, or tree roots. The benefits of buying common fill dirt is that ... read more
Peat Moss
Unit of Sale: 1 Cubic Foot Bag
Peat is important for farmers and gardeners, who mix it into soil to improve its structure and to increase acidity. The most important property of peat is retaining moisture in ... read more